How To Open New Doors To New Places


This is a reminder to myself to play bigger. Yesterday, as I was strategising on how I can create the Maths Rockstar event a sold-out 3000 people event, it dawned on me that I was using the same old ways to market for a 50-people event. (No wonder it seemed so difficult! I needed a WAYYYY bigger door!) OLD WAYS WON’T OPEN NEW DOORS. But finding and adopting new ways is very uncomfortable. It feels like I’m leaving something that I know with 100% certainty works for something that I have no idea will work or not. It takes COURAGE to find a new way but that’s the only way we can grow… unless we want to keep opening the same old doors to the same old places.

Spirit of Enterprise Nomination & My “Ah Ha!” Moment


Was interviewed by a young lady from NTU today for the Spirit of Enterprise nomination! It was a rare time for me to sit back and reflect on my journey over the last few years. A very interesting thing came up for me when she asked what was my biggest achievement. It struck me that I no longer think of my life as a series of achievements anymore. My focus seems to have shifted to the kids’ whose lives I impact through Math Prodigies. #spiritofenterprise#mathprodigies

Register for the Book Launch Here!

THIS IS SOOOO EXCITING!!!! My book is going to be launched this Sunday here: To celebrate, I’m inviting you to experience the parent version of the talk below! This talk will help you to help your child score A’s in Math and here’s the best part… it’s FREE! Come and join me this Sunday with your family if you’re free: And oh! You will also get to buy the book at a highly discounted price! See you there!

What Focusing on Results Did For My Business


About two weeks ago, I started doing this one thing in the office that has improved business exponentially, Alhamdulillah 🙂 Every single day, we would have a meeting and ask ourselves, “What were our results yesterday?” Just by focusing on that on a daily basis, our minds began showing us ways on how to achieve the results that we want. What we focus on expands. As we go through this next week, focus on results and not on how much work was done. Ask yourself, “What is the fastest and easiest way to get there?” And BOOM! Watch the results explode.

My Failing Student Whose Courage Inspires Me


*buzz buzz* I saw my phone vibrating. Whatsapp message. Open. Results slip from an unknown number. That’s all there was. No message. No nothing. Then, I saw the name. It’s one of the kids from my previous Teenage Mastery batch. First thing I saw on his results slip were the underlines which meant failing marks. That made me nervous.

You take a look at it below. What do you think? You probably saw all the ‘U’s first, didn’t you? So did I. Now compare the SA1 results to CA1 results. What do you see? I see improvement in 4 subjects. Thinking that it was the parent, I began explaining how I’m still in the middle of coaching him and that he’s starting to study but was too far behind, felt overwhelmed and gave up in the last 2 weeks. But he’s proven that he can do better!

Then the reply came. It turns out that it was the kid himself. What he said next touched my heart. “Yes I can see it now Thanks Coach”, referring to the untapped potential within him. Not all my students from the Teenage Mastery Camp top the class or school after the camp. Those are the exceptions. But then, there are kids like this, who need just a little bit of support to see greatness in themselves. Yes, he might have only improved by 4 grades and he is still failing half his subjects.

But I know something you might not know. All it takes is for a child to believe that he can do it. Once he believes he can, he takes more action, gets better results, starts tapping on more of his potential and the cycle continues. Sometimes, all we need is to start believing in ourselves again.

Less than 2 more hours before I close the doors to the Teenage Mastery Camp next week. For more details, click here before sending me a Private Message:

The Teenage Mastery Camp

13312721_10153482710361746_7868661916936102192_n (1)

After I recovered from the post traumatic stress involved in giving birth to a book, I’ve been calling parents sharing with them more about the Teenage Mastery Camp. I’m not a salesperson but when it comes to this program, I can get very persistent because I’ve seen the amazing turnarounds children have made after I share with them everything I know about how to succeed, Alhamdulillah. Does everyone of them make an amazing turnaround? No. But I know that once I plant a seed of success in a child, it starts to grow InsyaAllah and it will bloom in the right time. If you’re looking for a holiday camp for your child, this is it >> Teenage Mastery (31 May – 3 June) Life will never be the same again for your child after this program. Click here to find out more: I stop accepting students tomorrow and start my 3-day deep preparation for it.

She Topped The Whole Level After Attending the Teenage Mastery Camp!

“WHAT?! She TOPPED THE WHOLE LEVEL after that?” is the question I get the most when I tell Maisarah’s story. Watch my interview with her below. If you’re looking for a HOLIDAY CAMP for your child that will change their lives, click here: and then drop me a Private Message. Tomorrow is the last day for registration. I will not accept any more students beyond tomorrow. Next Teenage Mastery: 31 May – 3 June.

One of my Students Just Scored 100% in Math!


One of my students just dropped me a message with his result slip and it shocked me! Declann used to score 59% when he first joined us but look where he is now… 100%! That makes it two students whom I’ve personally helped to score FULL MARKS! 🙂 Alhamdulillah! Can’t wait to share how I did it in my book with all you moms out there who need a little help!


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My book “Mom, Help Me Score A’s In Math” was launched on Amazon and quickly became a #1 Bestseller in the USA and Australia in 5 categories ranging from “Mathematics Study and Teaching” all the way to “Study Skills”. Alhamdulillah! I want to thank all my friends and fans for making this possible! 🙂

Amazon #1 Bestseller in the USA:


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Problem Sum Intensive

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Since a couple of weeks back, during our meetings at the centre, our Customer Happiness Officer has been getting an increasing number of questions from moms about how to help their children with problem sums. With this feedback, we created “The Problem Sums Intensive”, which will help students sitting for the PSLE this year. Seats are selling fast because this one-day program is going at a ridiculously low price of $100! We’ll be intensively going through 6 crucial topics and giving exam pointers for every one of them. It’s happening on 8 June 2016! Interested? Contact us at 8363-5713 or fill in your details here now: